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From our Worcester professional cleaning service to your shining clean home & office, you can count on Dec Master Cleaning. We’ve got the outstanding teams and we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • House Cleaning

    Personal and Commercial Organization

    From pantries to closets and work spaces we offer a personal touch in cleaning and organizing your space(s) in a practical way that best meets your specific needs. Subject to the specific requirements in addition we offer construction of new storage shelving in metal, hardwood and practical board and cabinets.
    As the House cleaning Massachusetts services at residential areas, our commitment to provide comprehensive, punctual service has earned us our reputation. We are sure that we are the perfect solution for your cleaning services needs, too, with happy clients from such diverse industries as banking, law, education, retail, health care, and real estate. To satisfy any unique directions or requests you have for your post construction, we customize our cleaning services Massachusetts.

    We know that every business facility is unique, so we put together the right team to facilitate your cleaning requirements in Worcester. What’s more, we do it at a price that fits the budget of your company. With all necessary supplies and equipment and hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly cleaning materials, our crews arrive punctually at your place. Leave the job to us to preserve the healthiest possible work atmosphere.

  • Commercial Cleaning Services

    Commercial Cleaning Services

    The continuous cleaning of your company can bring great benefits to your business as the perception of a clean and fragrant environment represents an association with the quality of the product and service’s being provided. Furthermore, the benefit of a clean environment extends to the health and wellbeing of both customers and employees.

    We offer skilled commercial cleaning services in Massachusetts that help promote safe work environments and keep your buildings sparkling, whether your business makes its home in an office building, clinic, or school. Our cleaning services professionals are proud to deliver our patented method, Capture and Removal Cleaning, which works better than traditional cleaning processes. We often use highly efficient green cleaning items without leaving behind any residue or odor. We have the equipment and procedures to manage your cleaning and disinfecting duties, no matter what type of facility you have. Read More

  • House Cleaning

    Post Construction Cleaning Services & Home Sales

    Today’s real estate agents and brokers recognize that in closing a sale something extra must be provided and that is more and more becoming the offer to provide a residence that has been completely cleaned and sanitized and ready to receive furniture and decorations.

    Regardless of whether the residence is old or new we perform a thorough job of eliminating post construction residue and perform the cleaning of all surfaces as required inclusive of cleaning windows, counters, bathrooms, bedrooms, baseboards and lighting fixtures. Our services are utilized by property owners wishing to enhance the sale of their property, buyers, and architects too.

    A variety of items that suit your goals, including green & EPA certified disinfectants, are used by our discreet janitorial services team to ensure the safety of all those that visit your premises. Since we eliminate odors, remove stains, and polish your floors, your facility will represent your business’s excellent reputation. We are proud of fulfilling our customers’ needs—we are working with you to recognize your priorities for keeping your building clean. To learn how we can help you hit your goals Read More

Our Specialties Include

  • Weekly and daily household cleaning.
  • Weekly and daily cleaning of commercial buildings, residential households, assisted living facilities, doctors’ offices, clinics, shops and restaurants.
  • House Cleaning services in Massachusetts for in home remodeling and new construction (Inclusive of initial & final cleaning).
  • Massachusetts Complete cleaning or quick cleaning.
  • High pressure cleaning for floors, windows, interiors and exteriors (Painting and decorating as required).
  • Personal organization inclusive of various environments and conditions in Worcester (construction to meet specific requirements / shelving storage etc as required)
Commercial Cleaning Services


DEC Master Cleaning Services is the one solution for all domestic requirements for commercial cleaning Services in Massachusetts. We pride ourselves in offering a professional staff that understands that no job is too big or too small. Of course, our objective is to meet and exceed our commercial client’s and residential household client’s quality demands continuously, effectively and in a timely manner. We are committed to your total satisfaction and proud to have been recognized by the Commonwealth of House Cleaning Worcester MA as an Outstanding Cleaning Services in Massachusetts.

Dec Master Cleaning is a local company offering a wide range of house cleaning services and other janitorial services from multiple phases of new post construction cleaning, commercial cleaning, and residential cleaning facilities, households, clinics, doctor’s offices, restaurants and shops. We are unique because our staff takes pride in the work they perform. Our employees are trained and understand that it is their responsibility to offer a better quality of life to our customers by effectively respecting, meeting and exceeding every client’s requirements.

We offers a wide range of basic pricing package to meet most client’s requirements. However, to see which package best suits your needs and/or to develop an exclusive package that meets your specific requirements we will be happy to meet with you.

Dec Master Cleaning is much more than just a supplier of house cleaning services Worcester, MA. We are a business committed to giving back the time our customers deserve to appreciate the things they love. By taking care of your house, we put the Extra in your Ordinary, restoring balance to your life. In the blink of an eye, life goes by, so it’s essential to pause and enjoy it. You can do exactly that with us.

You can expect to receive top tier Massachusetts cleaning services at a very affordable rate while also retaining the consistency you would expect. You can relax, recognizing that every employee is subject to a complete background check, do not use any sub-contractors or independent contractors, and train all our staff to meet our high expectations, even though they have previous cleaning experience.

It would be best if you were guaranteed that you have a first-class cleaning service in Worcester provided by well-trained and reliable employees. Dec Master delivers, unlike many cleaning services, that cannot live up to the hype of their marketing promises! The Dec Master Cleaning is making continuing efforts to enhance service at both local and national levels continuously.

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